A Level (JC) Maths and Physics Classes

New H2 Maths Syllabus For A Level

This year, the Ministry of Education makes major changes to the maths syllabus A Level examination, this includes major changes to H2 maths syllabus and introduction of a new mathematics subject Further Mathematics.  This affects all students that just enters Junior College (JC) this year.


Major Difference in New H2 maths (Subject Code 9758) and old syllabus (Subject Code 9740) includes the following:

  1. Removal of Mathematical induction in H2 Maths syllabus.
  2. Removal of Recurrence relation
  3. Removal of Loci under the complex number
  4. Removal of Poisson distribution
  5. For inequality, the new H2 maths syllabus specifically mention the importance of modulus function in inequality.


It can therefore be noted that the content is actually reduced (Content removed actually become part of the syllabus in the new subject Further mathematics)

It is generally agreed that the competition among students will become more intense as a result of changed syllabus.

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