JC1 A Level H2 Mathematics

New H2 Maths Syllabus for A Level

This year, the Ministry of Education makes major changes to the H2 maths syllabus in A Level examination, some topics or section are removed. This includes Mathematical induction, Loci under Complex Number and Poisson Distribution.

We will follow the latest syllabus.

JC Year 1 or IP Year 1 H2 Maths Class

Class will be conducted based on the latest A Level H2 maths released by the Ministry of Education in 2016.

Class will be conducted by Mr Melvin Wu,an experienced tutor specializing in A Level maths and physics.

Maximum number of student for H2 maths will be 8 for maximum attention.

Details of topics that Mr Wu will go through can be found in the lesson plan.

Please contact Mr Wu if you are interested in 1 to 1 tuition.

Teaching Method of A Level H2 Maths

  1. Emphasis on method and approach to the question.
  2. Application of concept learnt, students will have opportunities to apply concept learnt during lessons. Exercises will be provided to make sure students know how to apply concept learnt.
  3. Students will be exposed to many types of question in a topic.
  4. Students are encouraged to ask questions during lesson.

Learning Plan of A Level H2 Maths 

  • Inequality


  • Curve Sketching

    Curve Sketching

  • Graph Transformation

    Graph Transformation

  • Function


  • Arithmetic and Geometric Progression

    Arithmetic and Geometric Progression

  • Sequence and Series

    Sequence and Series

  • Differentiation and Application

    Differentiation and Application

  • Integration and Application

    Integration and Application

  • Differential Equation

    Differential Equation

  • Vector


A Level H2 Maths Class Venue

 2 Sembawang Crescent

Phone: 94316237
Fax: 94316237
2 Sembawang Crescent
Singapore 757632
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